A detailed program will be uploaded one month before the conference date.

Participants should arrange your time properly according to the conference schedule. The brief version is simply for reference. The detailed version may have slight differences, which will be released about 30 days before the conference.

All times are in UTC+8 (Beijing Local Time). Afterward, more details will be released.

Date Time Activity
Nov. 18, 2023
9:00 am--9:10 am Welcome Remarks by Honorary Chair or Conference Chair  开幕式,主席致辞
9:10 am--9:50 am Keynote Speech  专家报告
9:50 am--10:30 am Keynote Speech  专家报告
10:30 am--11:00 am Morning Coffee Breaks/Free Talking  茶歇/自由交流
11:00 am--11:40 am Keynote Speech  专家报告
11:40 am--12:20 pm Keynote Speech  专家报告
12:20 pm--12:30 pm Group Photo  集体照
12:30 pm--2:00 pm Lunch Time  午饭
2:00 pm--4:00 pm Oral Session: Intelligent Computing  分会报告
4:00 pm--4:20 pm Afternoon Coffee Breaks  茶歇
4:20 pm--6:20 pm Oral Session: Machine Learning  分会报告
6:30 pm--8:30 pm Dinner Banquet  晚宴
Nov. 19, 2023
9:00 am--5:00 pm  One Day Visit (Optional), 
Participants need to make the registration by email before October 15, 2023. 参会人员需最晚2023年10月15日前报名